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The following photos are of clients who have kindly consented for me to publish their 'before and after' treatment photographs. I have included a little history of the clients concerns and their post treatment comments.

These photos are taken by myself in clinic.
Female client in her mid 20's with very strong frown and forehead lines. 
This was her first muscle relaxing treatment - 14 day review, no further treatment requested by the client, fantastic results seen, very happy with the effects.
Female client in her early 40's with a very prominent frown line which she states she had had for years, she felt this line made her look angry, which she wasn't! The first photograph shows the client's resting frown line with no contraction of the muscle. The second photograph showing the client at maximum frown, showing very deep singular frown line. Photograph number 3 shows the client 14 days post treatment attempting to frown. Client extremely happy with the results, 3 months post treatment the frown lines remains softened.
Female client in her mid 40's with moderate frown lines. Previous botox treatments had not fully treated her concerns and the client was not satisfied with the results. Second photo shows the client 14 days post treatment, very happy with this results.
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