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AlumierMD Brand Story
Alumier comes from the word "illuminate".

Illuminate - 
(1) to make clear or bright
(2) to enlighten or share knowledge.

The secret to skin care
Alumier has a secret and they we want to share it with you: When it comes to skin care, one size does not fit all. The reality of multiple skin profiles means there is not one perfect formula or magical ingredient for younger, smoother and brighter looking skin. That's why their team of experts has designed multifaceted, results-oriented skin care products that target the underlying physiology related to each skin type, condition and person. All products are created to work synergistically with each other and the AlumierMD skin care line is customised to meet your individual needs for optimal results. 

The Alumier mission to sustainability 
At AlumierMD, protecting and preserving our natural resources is paramount. Therefore, Alumier continues work on strategies to decrease their carbon footprint. Packaging is recyclable and their boxes are not covered in cellophane to decrease the amount of waste. Products are not tested on animals and are sulphate, paraban and dye free. The Lotus Scrub uses lotus seed powder and microcrystalline cellulose, unique natural biodegradable exfoliating agents that do not affect marine life and water quality. Ingredients are chosen for their sustainability and suppliers share the vision of protecting and maintaining our environment. 

How to purchase Alumier skincare products 
Follow the link to the Alumier Website where you will find out all about their amazing products, Skin Science, Expert Advice and lots, lots more! 

AlumierMD is sold exclusively through myself in-clinic and online, please email me at or use the contact page for further information. 

Spends of £50 or more and postage and packaging is free with products being delivered straight to your doorstep. Online orders placed through my portal will be eligible for the AlumierMD Reward Points Scheme and the Refer a Friend Reward Points. Just more ways to help you keep your skin looking beautiful! 

Happy Skin Day! 

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